Easter Weekend

It was lovely weather for our Easter weekend.
 The kids dyed eggs outside on Saturday.

This takes the stress of mess out of decorating.
 Especially with this guy!
 The Easter Bunny found us.
 There was egg hunting.  Karlie found the golden egg, much to Kaitlin's disappointment.  Her face is hilarious!
After church we all took a dip in the hot tub. It was great to not need tights or sweaters for the girls' Easter dresses.
We finished our day with a grand dinner of lamb chops, Easter pasta, and asparagus - outside!
Easter was always a day we got together with family, so it seemed a little empty without rejoicing with everyone.  But it was nice to have a whole day of being a family with no other events allowing us a time of renewal.


Montgomery Smith said...

By accident we discovered a very beautiful egg technique. One of the shells had a fine spiderweb crack in it. It takes the die differently, showing the cracks. The most beautiful egg --
So that is what we did while missing yalls at least we were constructive.

Courtney said...

love that you are enjoying the amazing spring weather! everyone looks so happy!