Full House

 Last weekend Grandma Gigi, Pops, Nana, Aunt Cheryl and Uncle John came to visit us!  We had a wonderful time just hanging out as one big family!
The weather was particularly pleasant.  The pool isn't quite warm enough to swim in, so the kids ran through the sprinklers.
 The kids thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Gigi.  Karlie couldn't wait for her to do "this little piggy" in Czech.  She begged her to do it again and again.  Kaitlin loved showing off her reading skills and they all watched an animal planet series that Gigi found on the computer.  I hate to admit that Gigi is more computer savvy at 93 than I am.
Pops and Max were able to fit in a ride between stuffing themselves between meals.
 As luck would have it, Max's Oasis Ale that he brewed on his birthday was ready to comfort them when they got home.  
 It wouldn't be a party without lots of drinks and food. 
 Beer can chicken, ribs, and grilled veggies.
 On Saturday night we had a serious round of poker.  Max tried to soften his competition by giving Gigi a Mayo shirt and John and Pops a cigar.  Apparently he didn't think Nana, Cheryl or I were contenders.
 The deceptive duo would prove otherwise...
 John was the dealer all night (which was a great relief to the novices at the table) and some how Aunt Cheryl took us all to the cleaners!
 Cheryl was shocked when she found out that we had been playing for real money!  LOL  She couldn't figure out why we were all being so stingy with our bets.  :)
 It was a fabulous night and made me wish these were regular events.  One of the downfalls of families being spread all over the nation, is all the little pieces of each others lives we miss.  The big events are important, but the everyday is so dear.

Four generations, spaning 90 years!
Thank you so much for such a fun time and for coming to see us.  The invitation is always open for a rematch!


Courtney said...

What a grand time! Looks like so much fun. :)

Anonymous said...

Roses are red, violets are blue, we jumped in the car visited you. Grand is the house, you make it a home, 4 kids embrace it w/vigor and charm; then there is Siri, all gray and blue who w/those eyes captivates you. Max leads to the, lab, peer thru my magic scope, OH, NO NOT THAT,is what we hope. The setting sun signals get out the best of scotch bourbon and beer, anything else? We wine and we dine, stage is now set as on Poker we bet. We draw and we fold, some more some less Aunt Cheryl it is who did it best. Tis time to part our engines we start, cars take us away but we leave our heart. Gigi/Gram