Hank's 4th Birthday

 Hank's menu for the day was cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate for breakfast.  As a special treat, he got a Lunchable for lunch at school with yogurt and M and Ms.   After school he took his best girl to McDonald's for a play date and ice-cream.  He has plans to marry her and asks her if she wants to be his cat woman.  Sounds like a pretty good pick-up line at 4.  LOL
For dinner he requested manicotti, asparagus, garlic bread and his favorite chocolate milk. Our superhero wanted a chocolate Batman cake with chocolate frosting.
 After dinner it was cake and present time.
 I hope all your wishes come true Buddy!
Nana, Pops and Aunt Anna made all the kids shields and sent Max his original shield from when he was a kid.  Sam had the lion shield that they recreated for Hank.  I found it interesting that the Phoenix was Max's.  As Max and Hank battled with wrapping paper rolls last night, Max was sentimentally transported back to the days he battled Sam.  Max said the image of the lion creates a desire to conquer in him, even after all these years.  Such a special gift!  
 We did have a funny mishap with the shields.  Karlie and Kaitlin were battling with a big ball and Karlie told Kaitlin to chuck the ball at her as hard as she could.  So Kaitlin ran full speed at her with the ball in front of her.  Karlie didn't realize she would have to stiffen her arm for the blow and the shield flew back and whacked her in the head.  Max and I were trying so hard not to laugh as we comforted her.  I imagine there will be a learning curve.  I see a sword making weekend ahead.  Hailey already has detailed plans for each one! :)
Hank got a Batbike too.  It is a bike made to look like a motorcycle that I added Batman stickers to.  He is ready to take on the most evil of villains now!


Courtney said...

love the shields! and of course the cake. ;) what a fun day!

Patti said...

Happy Birthday Hank! I can't believe he is 4!! He looks like such a little boy no more toddler.
Miss you guys!