Happy 4th Birthday Hank!

Happy Birthday Hank!!!!
I can't believe you have grown so big.  Thinking about the day you were born will always bring me to tears.  It is such a blessing to have you in our lives.  
Your rowdy boy ways add a fun dose of chaos to the house.  You are forever throwing yourself all over the place like a Jedi and can't wait to tackle Daddy when he gets home each night.  You have a big heart and are the biggest Mama's boy. :)  You love Star Wars, Spider-Man, Transformers, but most of all Batman!  You are Funny, Full of energy, Frighten the day lights out of your Mom on a daily basis (started at birth!), and we are Fortunate to have had you Four years ago.  We all love you like crazy Buddy.  Happy 4th Birthday!

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Courtney said...

Happy Birthday Hank! He is such a handsome little dude and full of life!