How Kaitlin Spent Her Birthday

Kaitlin requested doughnuts for breakfast so Daddy took her to the store to pick-up doughnuts as soon as she woke up.  Then she got to open one gift from Karlie before school. 
We headed to her yearly check-up where they confirmed she is a big girl.  She is in the 80-90% for height and weight and healthy as can be.  We then took a trip to Starbucks to celebrate her before going to school.  We split a blueberry muffin and had a hot chocolate!  A favorite special treat.
Batman and I went to have a lunch date with our birthday girl.  Batman stole the show.  Kaitlin came home and said she "got lots of compliments" on her brother.
 After school and gymnastics, it was time for dinner.  Kaitlin requested her all time favorite shells and white cheddar, fruit salad, chicken and broccoli.
 Kaitlin wanted chocolate, chocolate cake with strawberries for her birthday cake.
Trick candles proved hard to blow out.  Daddy had to extinguish them with his fingers.
 Lots of Hello Kitty presents, some new clothes for her and her baby and an iKitty laptop were a few of her scores.
 A pretty wonderful day for a pretty wonderful girl.

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Courtney said...

She has the most beautiful eyes! Looks like a great day and love the comment on her "brother compliments". He is such a character!