Kaitlin's Hello Kitty Party

Kaitlin adores Hello Kitty, so it came as no surprise that she wanted a Hello Kitty party.  I think she had as much fun planning the party as the actual party.  
 Hello Kitty turned out so cute, we just couldn't stick the candles in her face, so we put the candles in the 6 flowers around her.  Kaitlin was purring with delight at her Hello Kitty cake!
 As the girls arrived they got headbands with kitty ears and Hailey used face paint to give them whiskers and a pink nose.
 All the kitties tried to pin the bow on Hello Kitty.
 Then they played pass the yarn.  The kitten left holding the end of the yarn won a prize.
 We made mice out of easter eggs and hid them all over the yard.  The kittens had to collect all the mice.  We then opened them to find rings, necklaces, squinkies, and slinkies.
All the kittens took a swipe at the piñata.  On Kaitlin's second turn she cracked the cupcake open!
Then it was time for cake and presents.  Kaitlin didn't want me to cut Hello Kitty into slices.  She was pretty cute. :)
Our little kitten had a purrrrfectly Hello Kitty party with all her friends.


Blog a Blurb said...

Charming! Really clever little games!

Heather said...

Lots of great party games! Love the mice - very cute. Glad she had a nice day! and now for the next one... =)