Open House 2012

 This week the girls' school had their Open House to allow the kids to show all of the hard work they have done over the year.  They were beaming with pride.  Karlie showed us a poetry book made of acrostic, haiku, couplet, quatrain, and name poems.
 Another highlight were the class books.  For each topic they each submitted a page.  One of the books was from the 100th day of school where each child wrote 10 things they want to do before they are 100 years old and on the back they drew what they would look like.  Apparently Karlie has no plans to grow old gracefully as her hair was still blonde!  I love her "bucket list."
 1. go to Colige (college)
2. have kids
3. be a teacher
4. be a dancer
5. ride a hours (horse)
6. see a seatrttle 
7. go to hawi (Hawaii)
8. see a peguin 
9. go to Pairs
10. lern how to play the viulin (violin)

 Kaitlin was also very excited to show us her room, her desk, where the centers are and all of her work.  The neatest part was seeing her daily journal.  Every day they have a topic and write about it and usually have a picture to go with it.  Seeing her progress from day one was incredible.  They are little sponges.  Kindergarten is my favorite year.  They transform so much in that year.
We didn't snap any photos of Hailey, might embarrass her.  But we were impressed with the volume of work she has done this year.  Sometimes Mother's Day comes early.  I got all choked up as I read through her writing class essays.  The prompt was Who Is Your Hero?
My Hero... My Mom

     My mom is my hero.  There are many times she saved me.  For example she stayed by me the whole time I had the flu.  When I broke my pinkie, she stayed with me until it was healed.  Let me tell you about the time she guided me through my Sate Report.

 "Uggggg..... I just can't do it!" I moaned.

"What's the matter sweetheart?" my mom asked sweetly.

"My State Report, it's just too hard!" I said.

"Let me help you she offered."

And from then on she worked with me every night, helping me plan, and making sure it got done.

     Another time she helped me is when I got sick on my birthday.  It was one day before my birthday and I felt shaky and cold all over.  I had caught the flue.  I would have fallen asleep in the bath tub if my mom hadn't come in to save me.  She and my dad stayed by me every steep of the way until I was better.  They brought me food, put on movies to watch, and gave me medicine when necessary.  All of that until I was better.

     Another story I like that is when our family moved to Arizona.  I was so sad, but after a lot of hugs and a lot of tears, I finally gave in.  She told me that she knew how I felt and that she didn't want to move either.  My mom understands me all the time, helping me through my life and saving me from all the hard things that happen in life.  Always loving me every step of the way.

    So often as moms we feel we fall short, or at least I do.  To read the way she saw these events compared to the inadequate way I had judged my efforts was surprising.  I always feel like I should have more patience, been softer with my guidance and give more when they are in need.  It is clear that she cuts me much more slack than I do.  I would do anything if I could make her second to last sentence true that I will always understand her, help her through her life and save her from all the hard things in life.  Oh, if only I could.  But I will most definitely love her every step of the way even when I don't understand her and can't save her from all the hard things.


Courtney said...

There isn't anything more they could say than that to reassure us that we are the Moms we only hope we can be. So incredibly sweet!
PS I knew you were a rock star Mom. ;)

MandM said...

I think that is all a mother wishes for. Just to hear from your child that you are their hero and you're doing a good job even when you give yourself a hard time. What a sweet essay:)