Italy~ Last Night in Rome

     After our trek across ancient Rome we headed back to our hotel.  The hotel was calling the baggage people every three hours in an attempt to track down our bag before we departed.  At this point I had resigned myself that the bag would not make it and would find its way back to Scottsdale one day.  I was thinking Max was going to get that fine Italian suit after all.  I was looking forward to spending the morning being forced to buy designer clothes from Italy at United's Expense. :)
     In jest I asked if our bag had shown up and to my delight they told us it was in our room!  Amazing!  Guess I will have to do that designer shop the next time we make it to Italy.
     We took a bottle of wine to the hotel terrace to celebrate.  Here is a panorama from the top.  We could see St. Peter's Basilica to the northwest and the the National Monument to the East.  We were located in Campo de' Fiori.  It is a piazza that has a famous market in the morning that has been going on for centuries, and at night it transforms into a local bar like atmosphere.  We were able to here the street musicians as we relaxed on the terrace.
We grabbed some dinner in Campo de' Fiori and did some people watching.  It was a great place to spend the evening.
We then returned to the terrace to watch the sun set and delighted in all that Rome has to offer.

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