Kaitlin's Lost Tooth

 When we left for Italy Kaitlin's upper left tooth was so loose I was sure she would lose it while we were gone.  I teasingly told her to hang on to it until we got back.  I think she must have tried very hard to not wiggle it at all because it was still hanging on when we got home.  The tooth had totally died and was black!  She wanted us to be there when she lost it.
 Max did the old dental floss trick and out it popped!  It went flying and we scrambled around looking for it.  Nana found it!  After admiring it and celebrating with Kaitlin, Max put the tooth in a Ziploc bag.  Nana didn't know he had done that and began to tidy up after dinner.  She saw an "empty" baggie and put the left over steak in it.  Kaitlin frantically began to look for her tooth and Max was starting to get upset that someone took the baggie.  Then Nana realized she took the baggie!  We laughed so hard at the tooth in the steak.  That would not have been an enjoyable lunch for Max the next day!
Kaitlin's other center upper and lower teeth are very loose as well.  She might have a four tooth gap soon!  I guess I know who to ask for a loan.

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Courtney said...

Ha! Glad you found the tooth. What a big girl!