Last Day of School 2012!

 Today is the last day of school for the girls and Hank's last day was last Wednesday.  They have grown SO much since the first day of school!
Hank became a little boy instead of a toddler.

Karlie gained some teeth over the year and grew her hair out!

Kaitlin grew about a foot and lost a few teeth!

 Hailey went from a size 4 in girls shoes to a size 7 in women's!  She also got braces.
 They are excited for summer but the girls really enjoy school and are sad the year is over.  Hailey is the most blue.  She was really contemplating the end of her elementary school years.    She was so cute.  She said it really hit her during the slide show that her childhood is going by and said, "I have been just letting life fly by and not cherishing every moment."  Sometimes I think she is a 40 year old stuck in a kid's body.
I am so excited for summer and time to spend with my babes!

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Courtney said...

I love to see the changes in less than a year's time! I can just hear Hailey saying that. She is such a sweet old soul!
We would love to see you in MT again this summer!