Pink Eye Blues

On Sunday Kaitlin came down with pink eye.  By Monday morning her eyes were glued shut and completely red.  The goop just kept pouring out of her eyes.  She was very sad because the last few days of school are really one, long drawn out party.  Tuesday was the big water day and class party.  She really did not want to miss it.  I begged and pleaded to get in early at the doctor's office so she could get her 24 hours of drops in and make it for the big celebration.
 She was blue most of Monday that she had to miss school and drew this picture for me.  Just broke my heart.  It says, "I miss scull." (I miss school.) and "I wote aie dgops (I want eye drops)."
On the other side she drew what she would like after eye drops the next day. "I'm at scull." (I'm at school) and "I dot wot pink aie (I don't want pink eye.)."  She is the 6th kid in her class to get it.  One of her best buddies got sent home today too.  But I am happy to report, Kaitlin made it for the end of Kindergarten party and she was wearing pink and had a big smile, with just a little goop!

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