Warrior Dash

 Last Saturday Max and I did the Warrior Dash.  It is the "world's largest running series" where you run a 5K with 12 obstacales.
You get a warrior helmet, T-shirt, medal and glass of beer with your race packet!  My kind of race.  The theme is Mud, Sweat, Beer.
Some of the obstacles are running over old cars, climbing walls and cargo nets, tight rope walking over water, jumping over fire, and a mud crawl under barbed wire!
 It is more of an experience than a race.  It was 90 degrees when we started.  By the first water station at the 1.5 mile mark, I was melting.  At that point there was some walking involved. :)  Like a pig, I was looking forward to the mud crawl just to cool down!  Max was my partner in crime and made sure I made it over each obstacle and walked with me when I was out of steam.  We were a little concerned when at the first obstacle a man was getting both legs splinted.  It appeared he had fallen off the top of the wall.  Luckily that was the only injury we saw.
Our official stats:  I finished 691/3373 women and 250/1314 in my age group.  Max finished 1531/3261 men and 554/1252 in his age group.  He was obviously held up by me. We finished in 44:27.  The people watching is as fun as the race! I have never been so dirty!  We had so much fun this might be an annual event where we try to improve our time!


Blog a Blurb said...

What a crazy fun thing to do together!!!

Courtney said...

What fun! Love the picture of you holding hands and jumping the fire. Way to go studs!