Hailey's 11th Birthday

For breakfast Hailey requested creamed eggs with homemade bread.  I had forgotten about the homemade bread request and was up until 11 waiting for the bread to finish baking.  We spent the morning get ready for our big trip and then Hailey went to Max’s work for a special lunch date with daddy.

When she got home, the girls all went over to the neighbors to play.  Hailey left an 11 year old and came home a 16 year old!  Her buddy gave her a birthday makeover complete with make-up, clothes and hair.  I couldn't believe how old Hailey looked!  Yikes!  I think I will have to ban make-up until 18. 

Hailey loves Chipotle vegetarian burritos.  So, she asked if we could get Chipotle for dinner.  Sounded like a treat to me!  After dinner we had to race off to piano, but while the ladies were making music, Max and Hank were making brownies.  After desert it was presents time!  Hailey's gift included a gaggle of Breyer Horses, a student Bible, an overstuffed bean bag, the Flicka complete set, ear buds, Horse encyclopedia, drawing books, and new ring boots and helmet.  It was a busy day but we managed to make time for our birthday girl’s menu and celebrate what a terrific (and growing up way too fast!) kid she is.

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