Hailey's Wet and Wild Birthday Party

For Hailey's 11th birthday party we went to a water park with three of her best buddies.

The Surfaris - Wipe Out
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The party favors were beach towels, sunglasses, and waterproof cameras.
When it is 106 degrees outside, the only thing to do is frolic in the water!
It was a major milestone for us.  We have never spent the day at an amusement park as a family.  Hank could skip his nap and we could play all day!
It was such a fun day for all!
Max thought to bring the umbrella and stand to make our own shade for lunch.  Teaching them to tailgate early. :)

The big girls ran around all over the park while we ran with the littles.
 We were playing in the wave pool and Karlie struck up a conversation with a boy.  I whispered to Max that I bet in no time, she would talk him into letting her ride on his raft.  Sure enough the two of them rode the waves together chatting it up.  Max had to go find out who this young lad was.  He was a boy from her class and quite sweet.  That Karlie, we are in SO much trouble!
We headed home for pizza and cake.  My first tween cake!
 Our little lady has grown so much.
 Her friends said the nicest things about her.  One friend wrote, "I hope your birthday is as much fun as you made my 5th grade and many years to come.  From the moment I laid my eyes on you I knew everything was gonna be ok."
 We had a wonderful day celebrating a wonderful girl!
Wish big!

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