Happy 11th Birthday Hailey!

 Happy Birthday Hailey!
You are a beautiful girl from the inside out.  Your inner beauty is part of what makes you so lovely.  You have a loving heart, an imaginative spirit, and are years ahead in your maturity.  You are a loving role model for your siblings and make your Mom and Dad so proud.
 Eleven things that describe you are smart, creative, beautiful, artistic, tender hearted, loves God, loves horses, loves Siri, loves books, loves her family, and kind.  You are becoming quite the young lady Hailey.  
 Your sisters are lucky to have you to look up to and your H buddy adores you.
We are all blessed to have you part of our family and celebrate you today my sweet girl! We love you so much.


Courtney said...

WOW, she has changed a lot this year! Happy Birthday Hailey! You are such a special girl. :)

Lacey said...

She is all grown up!!! She is such a sweet girl and a great role model for her sisters and brother. I hope that she had a great birthday!!! And that you guys are having fun in Oregon fishing and kayaking!!