Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!  

To Snork, I am so grateful you chose to be my Dad.  Most Dad's don't get pick their kids but you did, and still decided to keep me.  I wouldn't be who I am today without your selflessness, support and encouragement.  I love you Dad and miss you more than you can know.

To Pops, my second Dad.  You have had a hefty portion in shaping me too.  I am lucky that I got to join your family at 14! You have been a guiding post in my life longer than you haven't.  Thank you for loving me like a daughter.
To Max, the love of my life and kind of father fairy tales are made of.  You bring the kids and me so much joy.  You always put our needs before your own.  You are there for the kids with support, hugs and kiss.  You are there for their performances and lend a helping hand with fractions and spelling test.  You play tackle with them after work and take evening walks.  You carry them to bed and read bedtime stories.  You make them special breakfasts.  They can always count on you and your love.  I love you baby.

I think the girls summed it up pretty well in their Father's Day cards they made.

Hailey wrote:
List of Things that Make Dads Great:
They play roughhouse
They spray us with the hose
They play with us in the pool
They clean the whole house for a surprise
They mow the grass
 They squash bugs
They treat us
They watch nighttime movies with us
They fix anything
They do chores
They dance with us

Yes, all those things are true about you.  But you do something special.  You bring LOVE into our lives.

Karlie wrote:
The best dad int he world has
1. careness
2. happyness
3. love
4. fun
5. funnyness
and last but not least, everything the best dad can offer.

Kaitlin wrote, "You are the best Dad ever."

Here is a little video our church did to provide a little humor for all you Dad's out there.


Courtney said...

the sweetest post Katie! You are a lucky girl!

Lacey said...

He is great Daddy...and now the world knows....if they didn't before. :)