Life is Better by the Pool

My Mom, sister Kerrie and her kids R.J., Rayah, and Alanah came to visit us for a week!  With 7 kids in the house, the main attraction was the pool.  They spent hours playing, splashing, and swimming.
 Little Alanah is 4 months old and so tiny and cute.
 Kerrie and Rayah enjoying some pool time. 
 The mermaid tails have escalated to a special fin and scaly fabric.  Our resident mermaid is like a fish in water.
 Max provided Sea Rodeo.  The kids would saddle up on the dolphin and he would come under and buck them around until they fell off.  They loved it!  Max's neck the next day was not so fond of the Rodeo.  But my cowboy bucked up and carried on.
 Then he started lifting them out of the pool and fell back so they got some air time.  I think Max got a pretty good work out that day.
 Swimming Sweetie.
  Nope, we don't look a like.
 I am just missing the baby.  :)
 Life is good when you are Queen of the raft.
 Endless request to throw me!!!
Hank has graduated out of the life vest.  I now have 4 swimmers!  That means mama can sit on the side of the pool instead of be in the middle of all the splashing.  There are some perks to moving out of the baby stage. 
The pirate raft.  The kids would board the raft and try to sink the pirate.
 We all got to get our baby fix.  Pretty much nothing better than a cowboy in swimsuit holding a baby.
 Little butter baby!  Even Hank wanted to hold her.
Uterus aching....
 Kaitlin lost a tooth during the wild rumpus.  She can't say "s".  It is so cute.  I love those toothless grins.
Max took R.J. for mountain bike ride.  Real men wear pink.  LOL  I think R.J. would have been more of a fan if it wasn't 100 out.  Little guy got pretty hot.
As usual we ate and ate.  We did S'mores one night, introducing Rayah to S'mores for the first time.  She is a fan.  It was a great week being in the pool, getting to hang out and  watching the cousins play.  They all played so great together.  Hank has asked me over and over when is R.J. coming back?  I think they both enjoyed having a boy to play with.  Thanks for coming, the pool is open and ready any time you want to come back!

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