The Longest Day of the Year

 On the summer solstice, June 20th, the kids and I set out for California to see Nana and Pops.  It was the first time I have flown alone with the kids.  I was worried with 6 suitcases, 5 carry-ons and 4 kids; it might be the longest day of my life, not just the longest day of the year.  Happily, it went much better than I worried it would. 
The hardest part was getting through security.  Once we got to the gate, it was smooth sailing.  The kids were thrilled to see that they were going to fly on the Arizona One plane!
 It was a pretty smooth flight.  Well, except when Hailey spilled her drink in Karlie’s lap.  Oh, then there was the peanut on the floor near Hank, and then Kaitlin dumping her drink off her tray.  Just bumps in the road, or sky... 
 Hank was so animated and excited as we took off.  He would “Ooohhhh and WOW!”  The lady behind us commented on how excited he was as we landed.  I guess its better than screaming and crying as it would have been years prior. 

Over all it was a good trip and they were happy travelers, however, I will be happy to have Max with us on the way back.

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