Nana's Italian Week

"A Grandmother is a special person who causes a joyful happening in the heart of a child."
~Author unknown.
 We were all blessed by Nana the week Max and I were in Italy.  The kids couldn't wait to see what Nana had up her sleeve.  She made such an impression on them when we went to Paris that they had high expectations.  Needless to say, she did not disappoint.  One of their favorites is the rice crispy treat advent calendar to count down until we come home.
The kids love to cook, especially with Nana who lets them make as big of a mess as they want.  They have each told me how fun and delicious the pizzas were.  I think the days of doing it on whole wheat pitas is over. :)
 They got to celebrate Nana's birthday with Pops and cake that was coined the Roman Ruins for it collapsed in the center.  Then they ate like Romans, right out of the pan with their hands!
The diorama is another big favorite.  Karlie colored the Colosseum, the Gelato shop, Rialto bridge and St. Mark's.  Kaitlin made the Alps, St. Peters square and worked with Karlie on the rivers.  Hank colored the sun, helped make the tissue paper grass, and placed the train on the tracks.  Hailey drew the bell tower and the Trevi Fountain.  A team effort for the Gondola by Pops, Hailey and Karlie.  They learned so much about the major landmarks in Italy in such a fun way.  
Each night Nana read to them out of the original 1883 version of Pinocchio.  I don't recall the kids seeing Disney's version, so we will have to get it so they can compare.  They are captivated by the story as we are still finishing it up.
 Nana also had them do Sistine benches.  She is so creative.  The older kids thought this was really fun and gave them a glimpse into how difficult Michelangelo's paintings were.
Here is one of the masterpieces by Hailey.  All original art work remains untouched and it might stay that way until the benches give out.
 Next she had them do Vitruvian kids.  Turns out kids are not the perfect proportions da Vinci outlined!
I brought some Euros home to show the kids and the Vitruvian man was on the back of one of them and Hank shouted with excitement, "the Vitruvian man!"  Its pretty cool to hear your 4 year old recognizes a Vitruvian man.
Just last week the kids were excited to show me the bell tower in Venice they built.  As they finished Hank exclaimed, "Italy!"
Nana jumped in at one of the craziest times of the year.  She attended end of the year performances, graduations, took Hank to the train park, and taxied the kids to their activities.  My neighbor said she had it down pat and wondered if she could be a grandma for hire.  How Nana juggled all that and found energy and time to enrich their time with Italian activities is beyond me!  Super Nana for sure.  Thank you so much for causing joyful happenings in their heart and mine.  Love you so much.


Courtney said...

I love her! She is so creative. The advent calendar is a great idea. May have to steal that one.
So, which trip was better? Paris or Italy? I'm thinking Italy?

Lacey said...

OH MY GOSH!!! HOW FUN!!!!!!! What a GREAT NANA!!! I hope my kids have as much fun when we are gone!