Old Friends

The kids and I decided to beat the heat a few days before Max could join us at The Villa in CA.   Thursday we got to explore Nana’s farmers market and start getting ready for our big trip.  On Friday we went to Tilden Park to ride the train and meet my best friend from high school, Debi!  We were neighbors and she predates even Max!  I was Hailey's age when we became friends.  Debi is a life long friend that I can pick up where I left off with and it feels just like when we were 16. 
It was so fun to meet her children and watch all the kids play.  Last time we saw each other I had two kids and she had one!  When Debi and I were growing up we always said we would be neighbors so our kids could grow up playing together.  It was fun to see it happen.  The kids were fast friends and had a blast riding the train, the merry go round, and running around.  Hank was thrilled to have another boy to play superheroes with.  We had a 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 11 year-old!  
 Nana and Hank have a special train bond.  Anytime Hank sees a train he thinks of Nana.
  The weather wasn’t quite perfect for a day at the park but was a welcome cool after our typical 100 plus degree days.  I was excited to be in jeans and a coat again and the kids were having too much fun to feel the cold.  Thanks for meeting us Debi, Kailey and Thomas!

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Courtney said...

What a great time! You all are true Arizonians with your jackets! lol.