Summer Piano Recital

Yesterday the girls had their first piano recital in the desert.  We found a great teacher the kids really like.  Kaitlin has been begging to start lessons, so this summer she finally gets to start.  Since I can't read a single note, the kids have to be able to read and be mature enough to do their practice without any help from me.  Kaitlin is ready to dive in!
 The recital was held at a piano show room in their recital room that held a $140,000 grand piano for the performance!  I doubt the kids will ever play such an amazing instrument again.  Boy did that piano sing!

Karlie played Ferris Wheel and Young Hunter.

Hailey played The Mermaid and My Daydream.

A boy that looked to be about Karlie's age played Beethoven's Fur Elise from memory.  Ms. Lisa expects them to memorize their music along with learning flash cards on theory.  I think the kids are going to grow so much with her and I love listening to them create beautiful music.  Sometimes I ask Hailey to practice while I make dinner.  Seeing Kaitlin just starting, I am reminded how fast their little brains learn and how far they have come and how far they can go if they keep it up.

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