4th Fun

  The 4th of July on a Wednesday is kinda of a bust.  However, we were so excited that it was in low 70s and raining!  No raining on our parade, it made our day!  The cool was so refreshing.  It was like being somewhere normal in the summer.  You could be outside and enjoy it.  We were hoping for some of God's fireworks, but happily settled for rain and clouds.
  Max was on-call and had to work in the morning but when he got home we headed to the Tumbler Tour where Hank (and Max) got to see the official Batcar and Batbike from the Dark Night!
Hank was thrilled.
 He even got to shake Batman's hand and show off his muscles.  He was star struck.  
The ladies liked Batwoman.  Karlie thought her yellow boots were great.
 After that we headed home for a little swimming and family game time.  Rocking the LIFE game!
Karlie had been working on a tooth for a few days and convinced Max to yank it!  It was a Yankee-doodle dandy when she lost it!
There are teeth falling out left and right around here.  The Tooth Fairy is going to need a loan and we are going to have to work on our brushing. :)
 What holiday would be complete without Max's Famous Ribs.  I don't know how, but they seem to get better each time he makes them.  Mouthwatering!
All American with corn on the cob, although we have to cut it off for more than half the family with all the toothless and braces smiles.
 Festive pie!
 The kids gathered around to watch a their favorite 1966 Batman on YouTube.
 Holy Shockies Batman!  Those fireworks are illegal!
 How can you have 4th of July without any fireworks?  To be safe, we set them off by the pool.  The kids danced as we played Katy Perry's Firework song.  It was a fun night.
I remember our first 4th of July here last year and am delighted how different the mood was.  We were pretty blue then.  Amazing how time can transform you.  We are all pretty happy this year.  It was still hard to be all alone.  All of our friends were even out of town, but it wasn't complete sadness like last year.  Ever so slowly this damn dessert is growing on us and we are learning to celebrate being MKHKKH.


Courtney said...

Awwww...so glad you are feeling more at "home". Can't believe it's been a year! Miss you!

Lacey said...

YAHHHHOOOOOOEEEEY!!! What a great post. I am so happy the desert is growing on you!!! It takes time, but I know you would settle in great and quickly build a life there, which you have. :) :) :) Looks like a fun 4th!! Between the batman, yellow boots, Life with wine, and Katie Perry blaring while the fireworks go off- how could it not be!!!

Miss you KT!