Yesterday, 7-11, was a day of summertime indulgence.  Every Wednesday we put on our food critic hat and the get the Scoop on Ice Cream in Scottsdale.  The kids each have a checklist that they fill out and then rank the ice cream shop.  They will be doing a post on it at the end of the summer with their results for the best ice cream in Scottsdale.
 We started our day of indulgence at the Sugar Bowl.  Then we came home and lounged around until Hailey's buddy came over to spend the night.  Max was working late, so I thought we would go to In and Out Burger for dinner.
 Since it was 7-11, the convince store 7-11 was giving away free Slurpees.  You know I can't pass up anything free.  So what if we have already had ice cream, french fries and deliciously greasy cheeseburgers.  It's summer baby!
Slurpee away!  Then to top of the day of indulgence, we watched Harry Potter with popcorn.

According to the LA Times, more Freebies are ahead this week.  On Friday Starbucks will be giving free Refreshers from 12-3 and Chick-fil-A will give a free meal to those who dress up as a cow.  Hmm, where can I get 5 cow costumes???  I guess I know our Friday craft!  Finally, on Saturday Dippin' Dots will be giving out samples of their Clusterz ice cream.  I just love summer!!

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Lacey said...

YUMMY!!!! Love that they are hard at work critiquing ice cream. So fun!!! :) Enjoy your other freebee's. Miss you!