On Mondays we go to the kids summer movie program.  One day they had Batgirl up for the new Batman movie.  I thought Hank was going to come unglued.  Could it be all he's ever dreamed of in a woman???  He was so cute.  His first crush!
 The next week it was Batman, his ultimate hero.  Hank has only seen the 1969 version and the cartoon until this weekend when we got to watch the 1990 Batman with Michael Keaton.  It required quite a bit of Max fast forwarding, but Hank was still hooked and mesmerized by Batman.  I wish that they made a family version of these epic comic series.  Why can't they make movies the way they make songs with R  and G rated versions?  At least for the DVD, you could select your level.  You know, like subtitles or something.  Just bleep out the bad words, cut out the sex scenes and tone down the violence.  Kids would be delighted and parents would buy it.  Hollywood are you listening??
 It seems strange when Target and Walmart are pushing toys for all these movies to young kids, yet the movies are rated for teens and adults.  Hank would love nothing more than to see Batgirl on the big screen.  Unfortunately, he will have to wait and keep dreaming about her until she comes to DVD and we can preview and fast forward.

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Courtney said...

Ok, you must come visit again...Michael Keaton lives here most of the year! Brennan saw him in the local coffee shop. Not sure I'd recognize him without a costume. ;)