China Camp Beach

 After our Oregon adventure we had a few days to rest and play at Nana and Pops' house.  
The kids were dying to go to the beach but we weren't ready for the big excursion.  The Villa is about 10 minutes from China Camp Beach, so we headed there for the afternoon.
 While Chris and Anna kayaked, the kids played and we got to just relax and take in the fresh air in the warm sun.
 Hank was completely absorbed in the sand.  He loved digging, building and rolling around in it.  Such a kid!
 It was so fun to watch them play and hunt for shells.
The beach is very rocky and all the kids cut their feet on the sharp shells and rocks.  Flip flops wouldn't stay on in the water so we will have to bring water shoes next trip!
 The whole group beachin' it!  China Camp was a great primer for the big beach day to come.

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Lacey said...

Fun!!! Except for the cut feet!! :) Looks like a great trip!!