In search of our 50 states, we headed to Oregon!  Pops, Nana, Anna and Chris joined us at a little house we rented on the Williamson River.  
 The scenery was spectacular.  This is the view from the front yard.
 This is the little river in the backyard.
 The lush green was a joyous sight for us desert dwellers.  It was a chilly 60 degrees most of the time we were there. 
 The kids loved running around and playing on the property.  It had a little bridge that they must have run across 100 times.
The highlight of the trip was kayaking.  The river was just right for the skill level of the group.
 There were a few areas with rapids but mostly calm.  
While we saw many 18 inch fish in the crystal clear water, we were unable to catch any. 
Those big guys have been around a long time and are pretty smart about not getting caught.
Hailey was a kayaking machine.  She went after the rapids with a fierceness we haven't seen in her.  If she didn't conquer it, she went right back and did it again until she mastered it!  She was out there for hours and couldn't wait to go out again!  Too bad she lives in a state with no water!
There was something really relaxing about being disconnected for a few days.  
 We tie-dyed shirts one day.
I had never done them before and thought it would be fun activity.
They turned out pretty good for our first try!
 Camp Smith Summer 2012!
We headed to Crater Lake one afternoon.
Crater Lake was formed when a massive volcano erupted over 7,000 years ago and left a basin sealed by the lava. 
 Rain and snow filled the basin over the years making it s the deepest lake in the United States at 1,943 feet.  
 It’s clarity and beautiful blue colors are unmatched.
 It snowed while we were there!
 The kids were delighted to play in the snow... In the summer!  
They had a snowball fight and their teeth were chattering by the end of it.  
We definitely got our cold fix! 
It was unfortunate that it was so cloudy, that we didn't get a great look at the lake, but seeing the kids' exuberance in the snow was great fun.
Auntie Anna pulled out Kaitlin's tooth one night!  Very exciting for all!
The tooth fairy managed to find Kaitlin all the way in Oregon.
 We celebrated Pop's birthday while we were there too.  We didn't even need the fire extinguisher.  He blew them all out in one breath!
 He tired to hit the deer on the wall.  
The boys had to measure up.
And sing a little Red Solo Cup...
Such a fun night!
 We played monopoly, pass the pigs, iPad games, made lemonade, painted nails, and had lots of time to just be together. 
We ate lots of good food.  Pop's grinder was a work of art.
 Upper Klamath Lake as we headed back to California.
 Mount Shasta was impressive sight with Oregon in our review mirror.
Oregon was very beautiful and provided lots of great memories with family.  If only we could capture each state in such fullness!

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Courtney said...

What a great trip! I can't wait until our kids are old enough to do those car trips. Great memories!