South Dakota Day One!

 On Sunday, July 22nd we loaded up and headed for South Dakota.  The cousins had hatched a plan for RJ to join us on our adventure.  We had room and once you have four, what is one more!
 Our first stop was the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs.  It was a sink hole that has preserved mammoths from 26,000 years ago.  So far a paleontologist have unearthed 60 mammoths!
 The kids really enjoyed the tour where we listened at different spots along the dig site.
 They were impressed with just how big "Manny" was.  A modern elephant could walk under the chin of the Ice Age Mammoth.
At the bottom of the excavation.  They have a ball at the top to show where the first mammoth bone was discovered when a housing development had been planned. 
 Hailey was really interested in the dig site.
 Kaitlin was quite upset that mammoths had fallen into the water and drowned.
 RJ loved the giant bones!
 Karlie was intrigued by how old the bones were.
This was Hank's favorite replica, the prehistoric bear that he called the "Bad Doggy from Transformers" (See episode 2).

The kids did great on our first day in the car.  They were so happy to have RJ along.  They watched movies, sang songs and had a great tip into the Black Hills!


Courtney said...

Can't you just swing on by?!?
Can't wait to see more!

Lacey said...

You guys have had such a FUN summer!!! And how fun for their cousin to come along!!!! Like Court, can't wait to see the rest of the trip!!!!