Truck Yeah!!

Saturday, July 21st we flew to the Mile High city at the crack of dawn.  It was one of those crazy Katie planned days where there is hardly a moment to catch your breath.  I got up at 3:30 am with anticipation of our big day.  Even with getting up so early, we managed to be rushed getting to the gate.  But once we were on the plane it was relaxing.  Max worked and I sat dumbfounded that all the kids were perfectly content -without any involvement from us.  I am going to have to start bringing a book I guess.  Once we gathered our bags and met my Mom at pick-up, it was off to the rental car office. 
Apparently there is a shortage on minivan rentals this summer.  When I was booking our reservation the prices were sky high.  After lots of searching I found one much cheaper at a Budget near my parent’s house.  When we arrived, there was not a minivan in the lot.  I was thinking we were going to have to drive two cars.  A big grin spread across my face as were upgraded to a fully loaded Suburban.  What a sweet ride!  I am not sure I can convey how tickled we were to get this awesome car at a third of the price minivans were going for.  It made our road trip.  It may have ruined us for future state trips because once you go fully loaded, its hard to go back.  
After getting the kids settled with my Mom and Snork, we were off to see our friends to go to the Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney concert.  Hailey was able to spend the night with her two best friends.  As we pulled up all the neighborhood kids came running.  They had posted look outs from both entrances to signal when they saw us.  It was so sweet to see everyone again.  Hailey had a wonderful day of swimming, seeing the Katy Perry movie and playing with the old gang.  While Hailey was having a ball, we left to the Rio for maragritas and well that’s where the trouble began.  Truck Yeah!
It was one of the wildest and funniest nights of my life.  The concert was fantastic.  Even Payton Manning came out to cheer.  The only downside was that after the concert we were supposed to meet my sister Mel for her 40th birthday downtown.  Max and I were under the impression the concert ended at 8:30.  However, it wasn’t over until 11:30.  We then got lost trying to find the bar my sister was at and walked around a not so nice part of Denver for nearly 2 hours.  We called for a cab three times and they never showed.  Max had more blisters than I do.  We finally made it to bed around 2 am only to get up at 6:30 to get ready for our drive to South Dakota.  Gotta live like you are dying as Tim would say!  It was fun to pretend we were 21 again, only problem was our bodies reminded us for a few days that we are most certainly not 21.

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Courtney said...

Yay for a trip home!!! Only question...where is Max's cowboy hat?!?
Glad you had a great time.