Yesterday Max and I celebrated 21 years of being a pair.  It completely freaks me out to think if Hailey were me she would be meeting her knight in shining armor in 3 years. Ack!  But what a blessing finding each other so young has been.  Its hard to identify me without Max.  We are me.  
We did a bunch of stuff for the first time to celebrate.  For starters, Max planned the entire date.  I am usually the one that organizes our dates.  All I did was get the babysitter and be ready in an outfit he told me to wear.  I had no clue what the night ahead would be like but was excited when he said bring tennis shoes!
Our first stop was the Scottsdale Gun Club.  Got to have a redneck date night when you live in the wild west.  It is the largest gun club in the nation.  Here in Arizona people like their guns.  
I have never been to an official shooting range.  We had a friendly competition with the target practice.  Max said his handicap was 2 fold because he has gone a few times with the guys from work.  I was the only one to hit the bullseye and beat him without the handicap. Beginners luck.
Next Max took me to the driving range.  We have never gone to the driving range together and I have never swung a golf club in my life outside of mini golf.  This is where my beginners luck ran out.  Karlie has a better swing than I do.  I struck out more than I actually connected with the ball.  Max gave me some good coaching but we will have to go many more times if there is any hope of ever playing a round of golf together.  I am pitiful!  While we were there I realized that we have really acclimated.  It was 112 out when we started hitting balls and we were laughing (at me) the whole time not even noticing the heat.  Who wants to sit in an air-conditioned movie theater when you can be out whacking balls?!  My kind of date!

Max wanted our date to be like the vacations I plan, from one thing to the next.  As soon as we were done at the driving range, it was off for our dinner reservation.  I had worked up quite an appetite.  We dined for nearly 2 hours while we ate our hearts out on bruschetta, stuffed mushrooms, Cesar salad, and lobster ravioli.  As we requested our check, the waitress who loved hearing of our romance brought us a pistachio ice cream Sunday to share on the house.  Another first!  Neither of us have ever had pistachio ice cream.
It was a wonderful night of firsts, laughs, and food.  I can't wait for more firsts with my first love. 


Blog a Blurb said...

What a fun night! You both look 21!!! -- how can it be 21 years together?

Courtney said...

Love you two! And what a FUN date! You were destined to be together. :)

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