Back To School 2012

 Toady was the big day!  Back to school!
  I got up at 5:30 because I am a little rusty on the getting up and getting everyone cleaned, packed and out the door.
 This year we are trying the Bento style lunch box.  We are trying to decrease all the plastics bags, individual packaging, and hoping it inspires us to not pack as much processed foods.  The girls were so excited to help me pack up their lunch this morning.
 I wanted to document the fashion choices for the year.  Hailey wanted nothing more than "a real" pair of TOMS.  With middle school comes the desire for name brands I guess.  We went from store to store in the mall searching for much coveted TOMS.  Finally we found them at Nordstrom.  Gulp.  Luckily Target was having a buy one get one half off sale on kids shoes.  Kaitlin chose a pair of Hello Kitty sneakers, Karlie chose black and electric green sneakers, while Hank got Batman Converse!
 Along with name brands came another change.  Hailey took the bus to school today.  No longer is it cool or OK for Mom to walk you into school on the first day.  I knew this day would come but I still got choked up as I watched her walk confidently to the bus stop.  I can't wait to hear how the big first day of changing classes went!
 Karlie wanted a neon green shirt of course.
Sweet Kaitlin is still very much into Hello Kitty. :)
Hank thinks his Batman Converse and new "Skelly outfit" are the coolest things ever.  I must admit he is pretty dang cute.
 Hank will go to preschool 3 days a week now!  He was ready to get to work and gave me a kiss and said, "have a good night Mom!"
It might help that his best girl is in his class this year.
 Kaitlin's kindergarten teacher rolled up to 1st grade this year.  Kaitlin was thrilled to have her again and to see that many of her friends from last year were in the class too!  She hugged me and waved as she ran to the playground.
Karlie is now our big kid on campus as a 3rd grader.  She lucked out once again with an excellent teacher and her best friend in the class.  I am beginning to wonder about the luck of the Irish with her.
The girls were in shock when they saw each other.  They had not discussed or seen each other's 1st day of school outfits.  Just yesterday Karlie was wavering on what she wanted to wear.  Two peas in a pod for sure!
     Most of the moms I know were as excited for back to school as their kids were.  I always have the hardest time seeing them off.  As usual I held back all the tears until safely tucked away in my car with tinted windows and sunglasses on.  I had a pretty good cry.  I enjoy summer so much.  We have such a good time playing and hanging out with each other.  I am always sad it is over and back to nagging about getting ready, doing homework, and rushing around for their activities.  Seeing how mature my Hailey girl has become is really hitting me.  Knowing this is my last year of having a little person to play with during the day is also weighing on my heart.  I am so proud of how great they are all doing but going to miss them like crazy.  It is such a very short and sweet time.
     In times like these there is really only one thing to do...  Bake cookies.  I had intentions of having First Day of School Cookies ready for when they get home.  But there was no one to lick the spoon, or the spatula, or the cookie scoop.  Just me.  Then there was the bowl with leftover cookie dough in it looking left out.  So I had to cheer him up and lick every last bit until he was sparkling clean like the spoon, spatula and scoop.  Usually my recipe makes 2 dozen but this time only 21 cookies made it.  With 2 hours to go until the kids get home, I hoping there are still 4 left so each of them may have one.  Nothing like a cookie, or two, maybe three or even four to help with the back to school blues.


Lacey said...

WE start late this year, August 27th. I am just like you...dreading another year. Dreading schedules and waking up early. I am enjoying the lazy days of summer and are sad that they are almost over for us too. I love the kids clothes and know they will do awesome in school this year!!!!

Courtney said...

Cute post! They have grown so much. Can't believe it is back to school time! We have 4 weeks left!
Seeing the picture of all four made me think of the '80s! Love the neon and footloose type shirts! They are so cute and I wish I were there to help you ah-em "bake" those cookies. ;)