Call Me - Maybe?

Well, it happened.  Hailey got a cell phone this week!  She was showing me all the things she had learned to type in computers and lamenting how hard it was to get her fingers to speed up.  I said, "Let me show you how fast I am."  I typed, Today we bought you a cell phone!  She gasped and giggled and then hugged each of us.  :)
She is quite thrilled.  I must admit I am too.  She has yet to call me (totally 2001) but she has got the texting down.  I dropped her off early for computer lab one morning and was concerned if it had started this week.  Thanks to the cell phone, she was able to send me a quick text that she was in the lab and all was well.  Everyday she has been sending me a text on the bus.  Today she notified me that there was a food fight and some cussing going on.  I texted her back to duck!   Maybe one day I will get an actual phone call.  Maybe.

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