Creative Arts Camp ~ Wizard of Oz

 Last week the kids went to our church's Creative Arts Camp.  In one weeks time they put on a full play with music, dancing and acting.  The camp has grown exponentially since it started three years ago.  The first year they had 15 kids, last year when the kids did it they had 30 kids, and this year they had 60 kids participate!
 Karlie was narrator 3.
 Hank was a tornado and a munchkin.  I must say the tornado role fits him perfectly.
Kaitlin was a munchkin with a speaking part!
 Hailey was Dorthy.
 Our neighbor's kids joined the fun too as the Tin Man, and two munchkins.
 The kids had so much fun and learned about all the special talents God has given each of them.  They learned about having courage to walk with God, having a heart for God, and thinking about God's teachings. We were delighted with how good the play was and all they learned.
Really Cute!

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