Home Run Weekend

We had a fun weekend trying to pretend it was still summer. 
  On Saturday we played in the pool all day.  It was so hot Siri was happy to just lounge with me on the floaty.  Usually we will get her in and she will just swim to the steps.  This time she turned around and swam to me.  She then would swim back and forth between Max and me.  I guess you could say we are in the dog days of summer!
 Harry Potter was on TV so we let the kids have TV style dinner.  They thought it was so cool!  Max and I did too, we were able to have an entire dinner without one interruption. :)
 On Sunday we went to the Diamond Backs game.  They beat the Washington Nationals 7 - 4!  It was a really fun game with lots of scores.  Karlie was thrilled that we finally stayed to the 7th inning stretch.  We ate popcorn, licorice, pretzels,  and cookies.
 After the games they let the kids run the bases.  This was so neat.
 Kaitlin is quite the competitor, she started out after Karlie but dusted her by home base.
 The H buddies coming home.
 A nice lady offered to get our family picture in front of the D-backs dugout.
 Then with the field behind us.  It was a great day at the ballpark.  Going to a game is really a fun family pastime.
We then finished off our day with apple pie for dessert.  It was a home run summertime weekend for sure!

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