No Horsing Around

 Hailey has completed her first masterpiece.  When she was a little girl Aunt Anna drew a unicorn on Hailey's wall in her room.  She named her Belle.  Belle was very special to Hailey.  There were many tears when we were getting ready to move and had to paint over Belle.  We promised her one day Aunt Anna could repaint Belle in her new room.  However, her new room was very small and had no open wall suitable for the majestic Belle.
Hailey missed Belle and longed to have her grace her room.  As fate would have it, we would move again and Hailey's new room has a perfect spot for Belle.  She has become quite the artist and is especially good at drawing horses.  We encouraged her to draw Belle.  Max bought an 8 foot piece of plywood for her to sketch Belle on.
 She revised and revised, studied and fine tuned her until she was happy with Belle.
 Max used the jigsaw to cut Belle out.
 Then Hailey painted Belle.
Hailey did absolutely everything except cut her out.  I am in awe of her artistic ability at such a young age.  The proportions and 3D quality are so well done.
Hailey brought Belle to life once again.  The magic reigns on and our little artist is off and running!


Lacey said...

That is AWESOME!!!! You definitely have a little Artist!! Could I borrow her for some murals on my kids walls??? I'm sure they would love it! ;)

Courtney said...

WOW! She is so talented. Love that you are encouraging her to follow her dreams!

Leslie Raffelson said...

That is just beautiful!! Such a great idea. She is an amazing artist. Bet she could sell one of those to someone else for some nice $$ if she wanted a nice little job for some cash.