Olympics 2012

 The kids really got into the spirit of the Olympics this year.  Does it really get any better than Gabby Douglas for a little girl (or a mommy) to watch on TV?  They were enamored with many of the events like diving, swimming, gymnastics and volleyball.  It was unfortunate they aired so late.  We ended up watching YouTube versions the next day on some of the favorites. 
 Karlie and Kaitlin kicked of the Olympics with rings made out of paper plates.  They they made gold, silver and bronze medals too.  The rings hung above our dinner table for the duration of the Olympics.
 Hank really took to Michael Phelps.  He wanted to wear a swim hat and put on his "boxers" so he could look just like him.
 Shoot for number one buddy!
 Karlie asked me which sport she should go to the Olympics for.  I love the endless possibilities when you are a kid.  The world is yours for the taking.  Go get em Karks!
The Olympics inspire us as people and a nation.  Kids all over America have been inspired to try a sport or to continue in their sport with the hope of bringing home an Olympic medal one day.  In America your dreams are the limit and once again we proved we are number one in the world with the most medals in Gold, Silver, Bronze and total!  USA-USA-USA!!!!!!

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