South Dakota ~ Mount Rushmore

We stayed in Custer State Park in a little sleeping cabin near the State Game Lodge where Calvin Coolidge summered in 1927 and President Eisenhower visited in 1953.
 While the sleeping conditions were not the best, the location was unbeatable.  The buffalo roamed right behind us in the mornings.
The kids had breakfast with the buffalo each morning.
I don't know if you can see the bull in the background, but the kids thought it would be fun to play around of croquet with Mr. Bull.
 We saw Crazy Horse from the road.  It has not changed any from when Max and I visited 15 years ago. Maybe it will be completed in the kids' lifetime.
 The kids were so excited to see "the Heads"!
 Where's Waldo?
 It was fun to hear the kids naming the Presidents and affectionately talking about "George".
 Mount Rushmore 2012!
 We had to stand proud by our new state.
 RJ showing his Colorado colors!
 We took a the Presidential hike with the kids.
 On a road trip you have to tire them out every chance you get.  Even Hank did the nearly one mile loop.
 Pretty amazing feat they were sculpted in only 12 years out in the middle of nowhere with brutal winters.
 While the kids liked seeing "the heads", their favorite part was the wildlife.
 They loved all the tunnels carved through the rock too.  We had a blast holding our breath, honking and sometimes letting the kids stand out of the sunroof while blaring their car trip mix.  I will be okay if I never here Call Me Maybe again in my entire life. :)
 Driving into a buffalo herd was the highlight of the trip.  
 We sat stuck in a buffalo crossing for 15 minutes and the kids were beside themselves.  (Okay, so were Max and I!)
 It was mating season and the bulls were trying to show the ladies who the top bull was.
 At times we literally could have touched one.  I was glad we were in a giant SUV.
The kids asked over and over to go back to the buffalo.  There was something so majestic and awe inspiring about them.
 We saw deer, mountain goats, and buffalo along our drive.
 We headed to downtown Custer for the afternoon.  They have beautifully painted bulls all along the main street.  Skelly Bull was the favorite.
 We had ice cream and the best rhubarb pie ever at the Purple Pie Place.  They make 15,000 pies in 6 months.  If you are ever visiting the area, you must stop and make time for pie.
 Our last night in the sleeping cabin was not so grand (don't I look just like Sleeping Beauty?).  For half the night Kaitlin, Hank, Max and I shared a FULL bed!  With visions of Steamboat in my head and a king bed, we were all ready to bid farewell to our cabin, George, Abe, Teddy and Thomas.
See ya South Dakota!


Lacey said...

What great memories!!! guys do such memorable stuff. Makes me want to branch out and do something different other than Florida with the kids. Love the last picture, sleeping beauty....:) Gotta love sleeping with with multiple kids in a bed!!! I am surprised you were asleep! :) Love the the Mt. Rushmore...AWESOME!

Courtney said...

So much fun. I agree with lace, you have such memorable trips!
Love the little cabin and the wildlife. I remember visiting the heads as a kid, but it was nowhere near as "touristy" then. Something every kid should see!