Steamboat Gondola Good Times

 Going to the Gondola is a family tradition for us.
 This year the kids got ice cream before we headed up.
 We had taken family photos in the morning and bribed them with ice cream.
 If we get one good shot, you all get ice cream!  Works every time. :)
 Hank loves Gondolas.  He is always talking about them and asking when we get to go on one.  He was delighted as we soared into the sky.
 Our usually fearless Karlie was a little uneasy.  I think she might be afraid of heights.  We found her kryptonite!
Kaitlin and Hailey loved the view.
 The view is breathtaking.
 We took the Vista Nature Trail hike at the top of Mt. Warner.  Karlie had injured her toe and ripped off her toenail in the pool earlier, which made walking with tennis shoes was very painful.  Max had hurt his back on our trip in Oregon, so I got to be the pack mule and haul Karlie around.  I could really feel it at 10, 568 feet as my lungs screamed for air.
 We had another small mishap.  For no reason at all as we were walking along, a hornet stung Hailey in the arm.  It was her first sting.  After a few tears she shrugged it off and continued to search for unicorns in the woods.  I was proud of my tough girl.
 The kids just loved running through the trees and all the green!
RJ joined us for the hike.  He looks like a Greek God in this shot.
Steamboat is a special place for Max and me.
We have been going every summer since 2005.  The only year we missed was when Hank was born.  With Hank on oxygen and Max taking his boards, we just couldn't make it happen.  
2005 vs 2012
We have grown. :)
  Steamboat never disappoints.  Of all the places we have been, this is the one we want to return to year after year.

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Courtney said...

Love that last shot. I can't even remember your family with only two little ones!