Steamboat Springs Grand As Ever

One of our favorite pastimes in Steamboat is playing in the pool.  I thought it might not have the same allure as in past years since we have a pool, but I was wrong.  More than anything the kids wanted to swim.
 This is the tail that I stayed up until 11pm the night before our trip making because I had promised Hailey I would make her a new one since her other one had worn out.  She just had to be a mermaid in Steamboat. :) Our week was hectic and I kept putting it off and then as we were getting ready for bed she disappointedly said, " I guess I won't be able to be a mermaid."  I just couldn't let her down, so out we went to the sewing machine.  That smile is worth so much more than sleep.
 Karlie and Rayah relaxing in the hot tub.
 Kaitlin catching some air.
 RJ going big!
 Hank flying like Spiderman!
 Hailey soaring.
 Cowabunga Karlie!
So happy to be together.
 The posse.  Serious trouble.
 The main pool is lit with a black light.  The kids loved swimming at night too.  
Steamboat was grand.  The Grand was grand.  The pool was grand.  The kids were grand.  It was truly a grand time.


christine said...

The hot tub looks so great. I think the kids enjoyed swimming all day long.

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