The Road From Steamboat

     As we drove along the road back to Denver, I was transported back to a year ago when we were heading the other direction toward Montana.  We had just watched the moving truck pull away with all of our belongings in it.  We had sold our house that we loved and were waiting to close on our new house.  We were setting out for three weeks of being homeless and leaving behind all our friends and family.  It was not a happy drive.  I cried along that road as we ventured into the unknown and left behind all we knew and loved.
     I imagined in time I would feel better and that some day Arizona would feel like home, but I didn't fathom that it would feel that way within a year.  This time as we drove out of Steamboat I was happier than I have been in a long time and ready to be on the road to Arizona, to home.  I was shocked at what a full circle we have come to in a years time.
     The kids are happy with friends and love their schools.  Max is thriving at work and I have managed to make our house a home.  We have all gotten in the groove of our new life.  Occasionally at dinner we play the, Would you move back game?  We go around the table and each person cast a vote if they would move back to our old life if we could.  Slowly, one by one we have all jumped to Max's side of the fence.  I was the last to come around.  But as we traveled down the poignant Steamboat road, I realized I was firmly ready to call Arizona home.

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Melanie Haggerty said...

That makes my heart happy.