A Delightful Day With Gigi

On Sunday while Max attended a conference Gigi showed us around San Diego.
   Our first stop was the Cabrillo National Monument.
 We went to the Old Point Loma Lighthouse.  The kids saw what life was like for a lonely family that tended the lighthouse in the 1850s.  Oil lamps, no TV, no computer, and no friends to play with.  They wondered what the kids did all day.
 The light could be seen up to 28 miles away.
 Nearby are the tide pools.  This was a real treat for the kids.  They had sea urchins grab on their fingers and held muscles.
The tide was coming in so it was really slippery.  We were each holding onto a kid.
Gigi watched them as they oohed and awed!
Hailey got a cold splash when a big wave came in and gave her a seawater bath.
Hank was his usually daredevil self.  Pops had a full time job keeping him safe.
After the tide pools we headed to lunch at a little taqueria.  It was SO good.  There is nothing like authentic Mexican food.  Even the kids were raving about how delicious it was.  Karlie said since San Diego is so close, we could just come there for dinner on a weekend.  LOL
Next Gigi took us to the pier off of Ocean Beach.  
Mr. Pelican was putting on quite the show for the kids.  He would let the kids get so close.  Then Hank would scare him away and he would fly a little ways down the pier.  The kids would catch up and continue this a few rounds.  See Kaitlin telling Hank to be quiet?
Mr. Pelican finally tired of the game and perched upon the restaurant roof.
The kids were thrilled with yet another photo demand from me. :)
We then took a walk along the surf.  I warned all the kids that I didn't have any towels or change of clothes.  If you know my kids, you can guess which two were soaked to their neck and which two stayed dry.  Kaitlin only got wet to her knees, while Hailey went into the waves up to her thighs.  Hank is vertically challenged, so I will give him a break that he went where Kaitlin was and got soaked.  Karlie on the other hand unabashedly ran through the waves until she was knocked over and drenched to her neck!  My car still has sand in it and smells of musty ocean.
I went back to the hotel to change the kids and pick up Max for a wonderful dinner at Gigi's house. 
 Gigi wore Hank out.  He fell fast asleep on the drive and remained out cold in my arms for nearly and hour!  Granny has got some go in her!!!
San Diego must be a glimpse of heaven.  The weather was divine.  We dined by candlelight outside.  It was marvelous!
So much fun to goof around and be together.
Four generations!!!!
Thank you Sylvia for hosting us.  It was such a pleasure to spend the day with you and see beautiful San Diego.  We are looking forward to a return trip.


Anonymous said...

It was a delight to share the beauty and wonder of God's creation and those of ours. Delighted w/yr visit; the barn door wide open, do come again. lv//Anonymous

Courtney said...

Awesome family pictures! I can see you were soaking in the moment of your baby in your arms and him holding still! :) What fun!