Labor Day Weekend Laughs

My parents had planned to come visit us for the Labor Day Weekend and at the last minute decided to bring the whole gang!
  The kids were shocked when they found out Grammy, Grampa, Bubbus, RJ, Rayah and Alanah would all be here!
We said goodbye to summer by swimming everyday.
The whole group did a Power to the People jump!
 My Aunt Ann, Uncle Larry and Grandpa came for dinner one night.
 It was so much fun to have everyone together celebrating summer and being a family.
 We did have one sad moment...  Karlie's fish died.  I think it might have had something to do with the seashells(from the ocean, not store bought) she added to his tank.  But it's just a theory.
 The cousins held a funeral and a proper burial for him.
 Some nice things were said about "Male Betta".  He was not missed greatly, as he was replaced on Monday.
 The cousins were inseparable.  They all play so great together.  I think that was my favorite part of the weekend was seeing them all reconnect.
 Hank played until he had nothing left.
 Rayah was Hank's costume protege.
 They dressed up and ran all over the house together.  A dangerous duo indeed!
 Karlie and Kaitlin loved being around the baby.  She is such a sweet thing, I could nuzzle and smell that delicious baby smell all day.
Max took Hailey and RJ on a hike.  I think we will turn RJ into an Arizonian yet. :)
We celebrated RJ's birthday and gave him a Cardinals football jersey to further his Arizona attachment.
As we were getting ready to go to the airport I had to laugh.  Our whole life people have asked Kerrie and me if we are twins.  She recently dyed her hair and we figured that we finally don't look like each other anymore.  Then we got dressed and saw we were opposite twins from our heads to our toes!  
It was a weekend full of laughs, eating, swimming, playing, and relaxing with loved ones.  Thank you for coming! I know how hard it is to travel with young kids.  Looking forward to next time.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your generous hospitality. You make it feel like home! Can't wait till next time either!!