Maritime Museum

For our final morning in San Diego I took the kids to the Maritime Museum.
 They LOVED going on the ships.  The first ship we boarded was the Star of India.  It is the oldest active merchant sailing ship in the world.  It has had many uses since she took to sea in 1863.
 We learned about the lives of some of the emigrants that traveled from England to New Zealand.
The next ship we visited was the Surprise which is a replica of the 1700s British frigate.
 She was recently used in the movie The Pirates of the Caribbean.  
The kids thought it was especially neat to be on a pirate ship.  Hailey exclaimed, "I am on the same ship that Johnny Depp was on!!"
 They had so much fun with all the interactive parts like dressing up as emigrants.
They played on a mini ship and acted like pirates.  We had the ships virtually to ourselves so they were able to explore and play as long as they wanted.
 We then saw the Soviet Navy submarine B-39.  I had never been on a submarine and think I will be OK if I don't go on one again.  I got claustrophobic pretty quickly.
 The kids felt bad for the soldiers that had to sleep on wire cots, with no windows and narrow passage ways.  Our hats are off to those who serve and work in those conditions.
 There were still 6 more ships to see but we were running out of time and had to walk back to the hotel to pick up Max to head home. 
 Hank was very disappointed that we didn't have time to go on the Optimus Prime ship, otherwise known as the USS Midway.  We still have so much to see in San Diego on our next trip.
The ride home was great.  The kids watched the Lorax and were happy daytime travelers.  Max learned a lot at his conference and we got a chance to see a beautiful place and spend time with family.  Doesn't get much better!

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Courtney said...

I love all of your educational adventures! Brennan's next meeting will involve me drinking wine in sonoma...not so educational! ;)