Price Performer

 We bought this sturdy desk off craigslist for $20 at Christmas time in 2007.
Max refinished into this sweet little girls desk for Hailey.
Then Hailey got a new bedroom set (from craigslist) in 2010 and the desk got handed down to Karlie where we touched it up and changed the seat fabric.
Karlie recently got a desk set from one of Max's  coworkers and handed the desk down to Hank since Kaitlin had already gotten one for Christmas.
$14 later Hank has a very blue, Batman boy desk!
 This desk is the little desk that just keeps on giving.  It has been a real price performer and has given the kids a place to store their treasures, create masterpieces and do homework.  It is fun to imagine all the lives this old desk has touched and what it has seen and stored in its time of desk duty.

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Courtney said...

What a great hand-me-down. All of your kids will want it when they are adults!