San Diego Is Just Beachin

Last Friday we took off for San Diego! 
  With it only 6 hours away we were able to head out after Max got off work.  Usually the kids are great in the car.  However, I learned that they are better daytime drivers than nighttime.  They all had a hard time falling asleep in the car and Max and I got an earful about it along the way.  Needless to say we were all thrilled to get to our hotel.  Here is the gang at midnight!  Don't they look ready for bed?
 Saturday Pops and Nana flew down to meet us.  We picked them up and headed straight for the beach.
 It was a much anticipated day at the beach with warm ocean water and it did not disappoint!  We had a beachy day that was full of sunshine, waves, sand, and happy kids.
 There was a Pop's attack!
 Everyone got a chance to boogie board.  It was so warm we didn't need wetsuits.
 Kaitlin loved it.
 Hank took one wipeout and decided he was good.
 Our resident mermaid found some kelp to play with.
 Karlie and Hailey played in the waves for hours!
 I managed to sneak in a couple waves too.  It has been a long time since I have been boogie boarding.  Like 20 years!  Ugh.  How is that possible?!
 Hank loved playing in the surf.  Catch me if you can...
 Nana took the board out for some rides too.  I think Pops was the body surfing king of the day.
 We were up to our ears in sand!  The kids loved rolling in it, burying themselves in it, dusting our lunch with it, making sand angles and sand castles with it.  
Today I was cleaning out the car that is full of sand and was reminded of all the fun we had in SAN Diego!

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