Flagstaff Fall 2012

For the final leg of the kids' fall break we headed to the hills.  We spent a long weekend in Flagstaff to see the fall colors and get away from the heat.  We stayed at this great little cabin on 3 acres that was designed for families like ours.
It has this sweet tree house the kids absolutely adored.  They spent hours playing in it (read through the lines- equals Max and I relaxing in the pines with a tasty adult beverage).
 The other great part was that we were able to bring our 5th baby along.  Siri loved the forest and the kids had so much fun running around with her.
 The cabin had a giant fire pit set up for nightly S'mores.  On our final night Hailey built the fire with only Max's guidance.  Can't have girls that don't know how to start a fire.  My family has a camping joke that the boys are chiefs and the girls are squaws.  As the parents you are the Chief and the Chief Squaw.  The Chief (Snork) would dictate each night which boyfriend or husband of his daughter's would be responsible for starting and maintaining the fire.  The pressure was always on if it was your night.  The Chief Squaw (my mom) would pick a squaw to help with meals.  There was always talk about "when you would become your own Chief Squaw" (when married with little Indians of your own to look after). 
Now that we are officially a Chief and Chief Squaw, it is our responsibility to pass the joke along.  However, I want my squaws ready to make fire and the little Indian will for sure know how to help with the meals. :)  I have to admit this trip was not my finest Chief Squaw performance.  With two trips back to back, I forgot more than one thing for meals.  I would not have made my Chief Squaw proud.  Luckily a store was within 20 minutes and I only lost face to my tribe.
 Away from all of our demands we had time to play Uno, Chess and Clue.  Karlie is a serious gamer.
 If the kids weren't in the tree house, they were on the swings.  This swing convinced us to buy one for our house.  There is just something wonderful about a swing.
 Of course there were plenty of wipe outs, cuts, bruises and tears.  But that didn't stop them.
 They just kept swinging.
 I don't think they have ever gotten so dirty.  A sure sign of good time.

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