Halloween Fun

 There are so many fun things to do this time of year.  Max helped the kids make a haunted gingerbread house on Sunday.
 Aside from the construction, it was kid made.
 I made some Candy Corn Zoku Pops for the kids to have for an after school snack.
 Last night we carved our pumpkins!
Max took it up a notch and used the jigsaw to cut out the shapes.  It was much faster than with the knife but it was really loud.  I am not sure I am ready to convert, but it sure made quick work of it.
 They each scraped out their pumpkins.  Ahh, I remember the days of drawing, carving and scraping 4 pumpkins.  So glad they can do most if it themselves now.  I might even get a pumpkin for myself next year!
 They love playing with pumpkin guts.
 Hailey and Karlie did 100% of their pumpkins.  Hank and Kaitlin told Max what to draw and carve.

  Hank wanted the Batman symbol
 Kaitlin's Hello Kitty pumpkin.
 Karlie created a spooky ghost face. 
Hailey carved the classic Jack'O lantern.

All my pumpkins.

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