Like A Dog With A Bone

October begins a season of festivities that rival my favor of summer.  From now until New Years I am like a dog with a bone with all the gifts, crafts, activities and joy.
 One of my traditions is to give the kids glow in the dark skeleton PJs.  This year it had a little twist.  Instead of getting candy in their advent bag it was a note.  The note read:

You are going to have to use your skull to find your treat for today.
You will need these when you are bone tired.
But if not in your bed, then dog gone if I know...
The four of them ran to their beds but were still clueless to what they were searching for.  I decided to get my fur baby a skelly jammy too and placed the wrapped PJs by her bed.  Siri was the first one to find them and then Hank saw them and excitedly they dove for them.  Karlie asked, "Are there more notes?!"  I might have created a monster.

The best part was the "Skeleton Dance" the kids put on for us.  In the K buddies room they set up chairs and turned up the music and turned off the lights.  We laughed so hard as the headless skeletons danced.  Then Siri got in the mix and God even gave us lightening for the show.  It was to die for!

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Anna said...

Wish I could have seen the show!!