Riding High in Flagstaff

 Our last day in Flagstaff Max took the bigs mountain biking on Schultz Creek Trail, supposably some of the best single track Arizona has to offer.  We drove to the top so they got to do 4 miles of downhill.  That's my kind of ride!
 The girls loved riding while the trail lived up to the hype, according to Max.  The trail was great for Hailey as she spent much of the time waiting for Max and Karlie to catch up.  It was a great learning experience for Karlie as her skills improved tremendously over the 4 miles.
While they were riding I had a chance to capture some of the golden fall colors.
The littles and I got a special treat.
After meeting back up with Max and the girls we headed to Snowbowl to take the skyride to the top of Arizona on the San Francisco Mountains.  
 It is an open chairlift ride that takes 25 minutes to reach the top of the 11,500 ft. extinct volcano and Humphreys Peak.
You can see for 70 miles. We could even see the rim of the Grand Canyon.
The kids got to play in a little snow.
We can officially say we have used the highest toilet in Arizona.  What an accomplishment.
 I rode up with Hailey and Kaitlin and down with Hank and Karlie.  Lets just say my ride up was more relaxing.
 At the bottom they had chalk for the kids to draw.
 Hank's merman (oh brother).
 Kaitlin drew LOVE.
Hailey a horse of course.
Karlie a flower.
Chalk it up to a good time for all.  Max and I sunned ourself as we listened to live music, watched the kids draw and took in the beautiful mountain views.
 But our ride was not over.  Glenda (our GPS's name) has a habit of taking us off road to get home.  Last year she took us for miles into the forrest to a dead end.  You would think we would be wise to her little tricks.  But we followed her again.
 We got an uneasy feeling as our road led to a fence.  We had already invested 20 minutes down her path and she promised just 10 more.  Those 10 minutes more remained as 10, 15, and 20 minutes marched on.
 Another fence and a smaller road.  Did we turn back?  Did we see any signs of civilization?  No.  We just kept going.
 We did get to see some beautiful views.
 We finally made it back to the cabin but Glenda's forest "short cut" took us twice as long as she projected.  The good old Bat Bus took care of us as we rode all over Flagstaff.

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