For the kids' fall break we hopped in the Batbus and headed to Texas!
It was a 7 hour drive to El Paso from our house.  I feel like we cheated Texas a little by crossing it off the list this way.  It is such a massive state with so much to see and we sort of just got our toes wet.  Hopefully we will have another opportunity to visit the Lone Star State.
We made many stops along the way.  One was at a rest stop that had some boulders for the kids to climb on.  Flip-flops were not the best climbing shoes so we opted for barefoot.
It was a fun pit stop for kids and grown-ups alike.
Don't Mess with Texas!
We drove to the Wyler Aerial Tramway.  Hank loves gondolas and I thought it would be a fun way to see El Paso.
The tram was built to service the radio towers at the top of Ranger Peak and was opened to the public in 2001.

 From the top you can see Mexico, New Mexico, and Texas.

 The view was grand.  Everything in Texas is big! :)
You can't go Texas and not taste some BBQ!
We knew it was going to be down home cooking when the restaurant was flanked by a tattoo parlor and a check cashing shop.  
 I had the ribs and Max got the sausage.
 Wow!  It was so flavorful.  Those Texans know how to BBQ.
 While we were lost in BBQ bliss the kids had their way with the hotel room.  Uno or 52 card pick up?
 Our first taste of Texas was mighty fine.

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Lacey said...

No...No...No...No....you were supposed to cross Texas off you list with a visit to ME!!! :) Houston isn't all that glorious actually...but you would love Austin!!!