A Better Tomorrow

This is how Hailey is stashing her Halloween candy.  She has it neatly organized under her sink.  It is safely tucked away for the future.  No pesky brother or sneaky sister is going to look there.  Not even Mom doing laundry would be able to swipe a piece.  Maybe we should start investing our retirement under the sink, it would be safer than anything else right now.
Tomorrow is the big day!  Regardless of who you vote for, I know we can all agree it will be great to be done with endless political ads and intrusive phone calls urging you to vote for their guy.

America is at a big cross road.  We have some major housekeeping issues to tackle to get us back on our feet.  When a person is hemorrhaging in an operation, you have to first stop the bleeding before you can transfuse them.  Otherwise you waste a precious resource and the patient will still die.  To preserve America for our kids, were going to need a president that can stop the hemorrhage and transfuse new life into our political system.  We will need a leader that makes compromise for the good of the lives of America's people, not what's good for his team or his ego.  We will need someone who can bring the best and brightest from both sides of the isle to hammer out legislation for all of America's people.  It is going to be a long and painful recovery that will require sacrifice from the top 1% to the bottom 1% of incomes.  Everyone is going to have to give something to resuscitate our nation and it's future.

I don't know if either candidate can do it.  But I do know the guy that has had a chance hasn't.  In fact he has made us sicker than we were four years ago.  While Romney is far from my ideal President, I'm giving him my vote.  He still believes in the American dream.  He still believes that you can build a business.  He still believes that private enterprise is always going to do it at a better price and a higher quality than the federal government.  He still believes and is proud that we are the greatest nation in the world.  He still believes we are one nation under God.  I will be praying that Romney can do what Obama has not.


Courtney said...

I vote Hailey as Treasurer!

Lacey said...

LOL.... Courtney. :) So True.

I am praying for a better America. Praying for our election today. Praying that Christian values come through. I will be anxiously watching the results tonight as we celebrate my little man's 9th birthday!

Miss you friend!